Dr. Davis will check your prescription and examine the external and internal structures of your eyes to diagnose any signs of disease. She will review all of the information and test results to make a recommendation concerning your eye health and visual needs. This may include glasses, contact lenses, LASIK, cataract surgery, vision therapy or prescribing medications for eye infections, inflammation, or glaucoma.

Comprehensive Vision and Eye Health Examinations

A comprehensive vision and eye health examination at Madelia Optometric involves much more than the “which is better, one or two?” that you may recall. From the minute you enter our office, we are looking at your eyes as part of your whole body.

We use modern, cutting-edge technologies and diagnostic techniques to keep our patients’ eyes at their peak performance.

Infant and Pediatric Eye Examinations

Dr. Davis completed one of her internships at a pediatric specialty clinic in Seattle, so she has years of experience with eye exams even for the youngest patients.

Special Examinations and Licenses

Hunting With a Muzzleloader

The state of Minnesota allows the use of a non-magnifying scope with a muzzleloader during deer season if you obtain a special permit. We may ask whether you hunt with a muzzleloader so we can find out during your examination whether you may qualify for this permit, and whether use of a non-magnifying scope might improve safety for you based on your eye conditions.

Driver and Vehicle Services – Driver’s License Exams

If you do not pass the basic vision test at the DMV, you may be required to have an eye exam by a licensed doctor to determine what restrictions, if any, need to be placed on your license. Dr. Davis will perform a comprehensive examination to find out whether you need an updated prescription or whether your vision requires some special restrictions. We want you to be able to continue to drive under whatever conditions are safe for you.

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